One Day in Zagreb

‘Zagreb was sort of fantasy. With its endless winter grey, crumbling facades and socialist constructed periphery, Zagreb was everything I imagined when I imagined communism. In Split, the sea and living Roman remains of Diocletian’s Palace are too distracting to think of a single party rule, red stars ans sickles and hammers and well, tanks. Of course you […]

Things to Do in Ibiza … in Off Season

Eey-bee-tha! A place that is synonymous with ‘PAR-TEH!!’ and had been on the top of my ever-ready-to-PAR-TEH-enthu-cutlet Hubby’s dream destinations. While planning our trips, we usually split the destinations between the two of us. We’re responsible for the entire itinerary of  those places. There is no way that could have featured on my list! It was completely […]