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You know the feeling you get when you’re absolutely famished and you can eat everything in your way? Well then.. what about that feeling when every morsel you put in your mouth is an amalgamation of familiar flavours, with a bit of a twist, but cooked to perfection.. and you don’t feel that just because you’re hungry.. it’s because the food is THAT good! 145 Kala Ghoda did that for us…

Post a super lazy Saturday morning, (read hungover), the Mumbaikars took the Bangalore runners to collect their SCMM running bibs and thereafter to 145 Kala Ghoda to load them with some well deserved nutrition. As you enter the restaurant, you know you’re in for a quirky treat as the large bar with the gorgeous installation on the ceiling welcome you. The installation over the bars is made of daily objects that you get in the neighbourhood bazaars.. kettles, spatula, patila, masala dabba… you name it, it’s all suspended from the ceiling forming a gorgeous installation. If you’re sitting in the front section of the restaurant, make the effort of going to the other bar, the installation is even better there. This is one creative mind (or maybe more) that has done well!

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 Once we got over the gorgeous installation, we were ready for the menu. The restaurant has quite an eclectic menu on offer, from pav bhaji and Keema Pav to rolls and sandwiches and some other familiar offerings from around the Globe. It did not take us too long to decide what we wanted and we were ready to order away.

The menu allows you to doodle to kill time…
.. and so I did! Not that my friends aren’t entertaining enough 😀

The first of the many, many things we ordered was the Pav Bhaji and the Cheese Ki Ma. (Love the twist to the name BTW) What a treat to start with! The bread cones, in which the Pav Bhaji was served, was one of the softest breads that I’ve ever had! Same with the pav that came with the keema. Yum and so soft!

Then came the Thai Curry and the Nasi Goreng, one of the best I’ve ever had. The gorgeous presentation and a decent portion, the hungry kids were happy!

Thai Green Curry
Nasi Goreng

 I had decided that I need to load up on  my carbs. Unfortunately, there was no pasta on the menu. Perhaps that was a good thing, else I wouldn’t have had the Mushroom Bunny Chow! It was creamy cheesy mushroom served in a bread pot. My two favourite things – mushrooms and bread… (and of course the crabs would come from the bread).  I have to admit, the more I had the bread at the restaurant, the more I fell for it. The bread in everything we had ordered was so fresh and soft. Totally made my day!

Mushroom Bunny Chow

 The finale came in the form of Khow Suey. It has to be one of the most gorgeous and innovative ways I have seen Khow Suey being served. Ladies and Gents, the Khow Suey did not disappoint! 

The happy, and now stuffed kids were in for a little treat at the end with the bill and the chuskis. (What a lovely way to revive old childhood memories!) There were eight of us at the table that day, and with the amount of food we ordered, the bill was just over Rs. 500 per head. Unbelievable for Mumbai!

My Two Cents… I really really liked 145 Kala Ghoda. It is a great place to hang with your buddies, or that special someone. The place had a very happy and friendly buzz. (Although, the decor for the bathroom is very confusing, especially if you have had a drink too many!) The food was killer without damaging your pockets. I must add here that I did not have the desserts and drinks (which looked gorgeous btw… I totally spied on the other tables..Shh! ) and hence, we found the place pocket friendly. However, what I remember of the prices on the cocktail menu, I was pretty upset that I was not able to drink. The drinks looked very inviting and quite humbly priced. A big thumbs up to 145 Kala Ghoda!

PS – All views in this review are purely mine, post a meal with my buddies. 

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  1. Boy! What food!

    1. Ohhh yea! Can’t stop thinking about it!!

  2. I’ve just come back from Mumbai yesterday. Tried green chili ice-cream on someone’s insistence and absolutely loved it.

    Great review of the restaurant, wish I’d seen it earlier. 😀

    1. Green chilli ice cream… that sounds rather interesting! I know that I’m going to visit this restaurant again when I go to Mumbai (whenever that is!) and I will try this ice cream.
      Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

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