The Stories that Are.. Vol. 3

The past two weeks have been all about running and how I completed my 21k. Yes it might be an overkill at this point, but this volume of ‘The Stories that Are’ is all about that. The blogs and posts that kept me motivated and continue to do so. 1. – I love this blog, […]

Why I Run….

In one of my previous posts, I spoke about the fact that I have not been running for too long. My first run was in March 2014. It was a simple 5k, but it meant the world to me. I completed a half marathon recently and now a 5k doesn’t seem like too much anymore. Its […]

Eggplant Bake

My parents had called my husband and me over for dinner the other day. My uncle was visiting and all talk about playing poker during Diwali had gotten us super excited. We decided to get together the following day and play. Mum and I had decided that we would divide the dinner menu  between us. I insisted […]

21k… Check!

I have not been running for too long; but I think I can call myself a runner now… well sort of. I remember my first run very clearly. It was a 5k run earlier this year in March. It was a run to celebrate Women’s Day. I’ve always been sorta-kinda fit, but running is something […]

The Tale of the Panna Cotta

  Panna cotta ‘Panna… cotta‘ It sounds so fancy! ‘Panna cotta’. Pooja had no idea what it meant, even while she sat watching the contestants of MasterChef whip up the desert at the drop of a hat. It seemed to come in all varieties, flavours, colours, presentation methods, yet, it had not struck her to […]