Keep Calm and Run Along… *With Caution*

Running in the morning with thousands of fellow runners is always such a pleasurable experience. The cause.. the energy.. the sound of hundreds of foot thumps around you which makes you want to go faster and harder!  … well usually that it what it is. Very often it gets interrupted by some smarty-pants who thinks […]

Pizza Party Pooper

Fauji wives are one of the bravest breed of women you can find. Not only do they look after their soldier husbands and families while living in some corner of the country unheard of,  but I find them even more brave because they can host the best parties for a huge number of people at […]

Philia at Harima

My friend Shradha started this wonderful event series called ‘The Philia’ not too long ago. The concept is very simple – Meet people over food. How can you possibly go wrong with that? I realized that as you get older, you don’t always find it easy to meet people and make new friends. You get so […]

Eggplant Pizza

It is true when they say ‘when the cat is away, the mice play!’ Last week when the hubby was out on a work trip I finally got to bring home an eggplant. (If you think I’m a super exciting person and did something crazy wacky, you’re so mistaken! This is as crazy as I […]