21k… Check!

Nothing tastes better than metal in the morning!!

I have not been running for too long; but I think I can call myself a runner now… well sort of. I remember my first run very clearly. It was a 5k run earlier this year in March. It was a run to celebrate Women’s Day. I’ve always been sorta-kinda fit, but running is something I didn’t think I was made for. I envied all the people who could run hoping that someday, I too, would be one of them. That wonderful day in March, opened a whole new chapter in my life. As I crossed the finish line, I couldn’t believe what I had achieved. I had tears in my eyes (and I’m not the one who gets emotional). At that moment I knew, my life would never be the same.

Last Sunday, eight months later, I have a whole new story to tell. 2 hrs 42 mins – I conquered what I never imagined I could have. I ran a half marathon!!!! Laura Fountain was absolutely right in her blog post, there is a lot you can do in that time, (most importantly, sleep a few hours more on a weekend! ) but the feeling of getting to that finish line is indescribable!

Running 21kms within eight months of starting to run, with minimal training (which I absolutely do not recommend!) I think I did pretty well. However, the journey has just begun. Next stop – sub 1hr 10k. Till then – bring on the beer that I have been missing for a few weeks now 😀

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  1. Sarita Deshpande says:

    Congrats!!! Looking forward to see you do that full marathon!

    1. Hehehe! Thanks.. That could be a while… Buy I’m on it 😉

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