Breakfast Cocktail


I have been toying with the idea of serving breakfast in the form of cocktails for a long time now. Breakfast and cocktails – my two absolute favourite things – together! What can get better than that! When Viraj and I got married, as wedding gifts, we got all types of glasses possible. It has been two years since we got married and we have not felt the need to buy any glasses till date! I find the martini glasses that we were gifted the most versatile. There are so many desserts that I have made in them, my favorite being the banoffee pie. It is something about these glasses that enhances the beauty of any dish and makes it so exotic.

On one of my lazy-watching-random-tv stints, I was watching the gorgeous Rachel Khoo whip up some really fancy French cuisine in her cute little kitchen. One of the dishes she made was ‘Eggs in Pots’ or trying to be as French as I can Oeufs en Cocotte (sounds so much better when she says it) with a little push from her, and my want for some exotic breakfast after a run, here’s what I did.

.. Ease: Suuuuper duper easy! I made it after coming back from a run. Couldn’t have made it if it weren’t since I’m usually ravenous at that time.
.. Taste: All the best flavours bursting in your mouth, what could be better than that. The best part is that you can modify it to what works best for your taste buds.
.. Appearance: So exotic.. looks like it belongs to a fancy restaurant.
.. Pros: Super easy and minimal dishes
.. Cons: Small portions.
.. Would I make it again: Hell yeah!

What You Need

– Butter
– 1 tbsp Flour
– 1 cup milk
– Sausages, Ham, anything you would like to add in the base
– Salt, Pepper and other seasonings according to taste
– One egg per glass

How You Make It

1. Preheat the oven at 180 deg C.
2. The only thing that takes a bit of time and attention is the white sause because you don’t want it burnt or lumpy. Melt the butter in a pan (I used the new Amul Garlic and herbs butter and ohhhh how I love it!!! It really adds a kick to all the food you make with it.. even simple things like grilled vegetables). Add a tablespoon of flour and cook for a bit and then add milk. Keep stirring until the sauce gets nice and think. Add salt, pepper and other seasoning according to taste.
3. If you want to add some ham, sausages, or anything at all, this is the time to do it. Grilled vegetables or potatoes would be great for a vegetarian version.
4. Assembly
Layer 1 – Layer the glass with the white sauce mix. Leave just enough for the egg on top.
Tip that you could try – This came to me a little later. You could add some cheese on top of this layer for that extra cheesy flavour.
Layer 2 – Break an egg on the white sauce layer. Sprinkle some salt and parsley on it.
5. Bake in the oven for about 10-15 minutes till the egg is cooked to your liking.

The first white sauce layer

.. I had this with a little toasted bread, but I’d suggest some nice French bread that you can dip in the glass. Also, make sure you make a little extra because you will most definitely be craving for more!


5 Replies to “Breakfast Cocktail”

  1. Need to add a layer of Bacon Bits between Sauce and Egg.

    1. That would be soooo yummm!!

  2. I’m put off by the idea of eating brekkie out of a martini glass – just looks wrong, somehow.! and how many cocktail glasses are ovenproof. I wonder?

    1. My martini glass was.. fortunately! It may seem a little out of the ordinary i.e. having your breakfast out of a martini glass. However, I encourage you to try it once. The important thing is mixing of the white sauce and the egg, which makes it all worthwhile. Give it a go… you might be surprised..

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