Pizza Party Pooper

Fauji wives are one of the bravest breed of women you can find. Not only do they look after their soldier husbands and families while living in some corner of the country unheard of,  but I find them even more brave because they can host the best parties for a huge number of people at […]

Philia at Harima

My friend Shradha started this wonderful event series called ‘The Philia’ not too long ago. The concept is very simple – Meet people over food. How can you possibly go wrong with that? I realized that as you get older, you don’t always find it easy to meet people and make new friends. You get so […]

The Perfect Pint

What an ending to the second week of the BoTLoT challenge! From travelling to Koh Chang to having a pint of fresh Guinness, battling the daily commute to work (which I might add is almost always eventful!) to having a heavenly experience in Vienna. It has been such an exciting journey! The post that I […]