Asian Fish Parcels

Fish… hmm.. now fish isn’t one of my go to proteins. I don’t eat sea food. Umm.. I guess it’s time to say that I DIDN’T eat sea food. (I just heard-my mum in law yelp!) I’m not sure if I can say that I eat fist yet. Hmm…Let me see.. -I had sushi when I was […]

Sunday Dinner – Pork Chops

I‘m getting way too addicted to Master Chef Australia. Since I don’t cook everyday, cooking excites me when I get around to doing it; and with MasterChef Australia on air right now, my already overworked and hyper brain is completely consumed with it.  My brother-in-law was staying with us last week. A young man of […]

Food that Speaks to My Heart.. My Top Comfort Food

For the past month, I have been talking a lot about travelling. When we travel, food becomes an essential part of how you have unearthed the mysteries of a new city and of a country. It is a part of that complex puzzle that helps you experience and understand a place and its people. Ingredients talk of history and how you eat talks about its […]