The Kannadiga Thaali

It’s festival time! Nothing screams festival louder than a lunch feast and THAT’S how we Kannadigas do it! Wake up early on the morning of the festival, bathe, set up the puja ghar, pray and we’re ready to hit the food. It is towards the end of the year, lots of festivals coming up.. lots of weddings […]

Asian Fish Parcels

Fish… hmm.. now fish isn’t one of my go to proteins. I don’t eat sea food. Umm.. I guess it’s time to say that I DIDN’T eat sea food. (I just heard-my mum in law yelp!) I’m not sure if I can say that I eat fist yet. Hmm…Let me see.. -I had sushi when I was […]

Sunday Dinner – Pork Chops

I‘m getting way too addicted to Master Chef Australia. Since I don’t cook everyday, cooking excites me when I get around to doing it; and with MasterChef Australia on air right now, my already overworked and hyper brain is completely consumed with it.  My brother-in-law was staying with us last week. A young man of […]

Turkish Tea

  Our first afternoon in Istanbul, Viraj and I decided to walk down Istiklal street. We were staying right next to Takshim square and it was but natural to go to Istiklal. We walked through a sea of people and an array of shops which ranged between high end fashion, bars. clubs and street food. Meandering through […]

Pizza Party Pooper

Fauji wives are one of the bravest breed of women you can find. Not only do they look after their soldier husbands and families while living in some corner of the country unheard of,  but I find them even more brave because they can host the best parties for a huge number of people at […]