Lost in Mykonos

Having been to Ibiza last holiday, it was but natural that we go to pay our respects to the ‘party’ island of Greece this time. To be honest, I liked Mykonos a lot more than Ibiza, not because of the party scene, but because the island, especially the city center is so charming. Very typically […]

The Stories that Are.. Vol 4

What a lovely combination food and art is.. and here’s why .. 1. Msz Know-It-All (http://mszknowitall.com/) This is my dear friend Shruti’s blog. Everytime I read any of her posts I feel like she’s right there talking to me. The fact that her posts are so easy to relate, is what makes this blog so […]

Jute O Jean

Our lives are not just about us and what we think and what we do. Our lives are so driven by the people around us. With this post I start a new series of guest posts on ‘A Bit of This and a Lot of That’.  I have known Nirepjeet for a long time. We […]

The Curious City

I moved to a new city a month ago. Moving is not new to me – have been doing it all through my childhood, it is an integral part of me. However, nine years ago, it had all stopped. My roots started growing in one particular city which I, now, very fondly call ‘home’. But […]