Chocolate Munchkins

As a Secret Santa to someone who like chocolates, what could be better than gifting a bunch of little chocolate poppers that are halfway between a cake, chocolate and a doughnut. Yuuummmzzaa! I was so floored by the image I saw on Food52 that I knew this HAD to be the next gift. You can follow the recipe here.

Sure, it takes a little longer than you anticipate for the little fellas, but the wait is worth it.

I’ve made this recipe twice since. There are a few things I discovered while making the munchkins was that..
.. when I made the first round of munchkins, I did not fry them enough and the balls were too big. This resulted in the center to be a gooey. This, I later realized, was an amazing thing (that is if you don’t mind a hint of flour. You could add a bit more chocolate to counter the floury taste).
.. it tastes best on the second day when the little ones really soak in the sweetness of the glaze.
.. with a dash of rum it is a total OMG! adult popper. (Perhaps a little more than just a dash.. *evil grin*)

The munchkins that I made did not look exactly like the ones in the Food52’s pictures, but it sure was a hit with my angel and the other friends I made it for. The last time I made it, I didn’t end up using the entire dough. It currently lies in my freezer for when the craving hits next or if I need to make it for someone at a moments notice.


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  2. Sometimes, chocolate isn’t something I crave or anything. But these look divine. And I think I’d be tearing into them!

    1. These tiny babies are very dangerous, I must warn you. You keep having them because you think.. these are so tiny, they couldn’t do me any harm.. and before you know it, half the box is over! :O

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