Crepes – Happy Sunday

Crepe 1

I do love my Sundays. Especially when you have that little extra time in the morning to whip up something a little special for yourself. Why would you want to work a little harder on a Sunday morning you ask? Well… it is to pamper myself. There is nothing like the relaxed feeling of a Sunday morning (when the kids outside my house are not screaming on the top of their lungs that is), to have a lovely cup of coffee and a yummzzaa brekkie. Don’t let this fancy picture fool you. Crepes take no time at all!

My favorite thing about the crepe is that it is so versatile. You can stuff anything in it and it still looks gorgeous and tastes divine. As you already know, mushrooms are my absolute favorite. I have used a simple mushroom and onion sauce, but let your imagination go wild (as wild as your refrigerator allows you on a Sunday morning rather) and make this dish your own.

Crepe 2

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