Dr. HONG Jekyll and Mr. KONG Hyde

I was going through some of the old photographs that I had taken and here is a set I found in the old archives. These pictures were taken when I was in Hong Kong and documenting Sham Shui Po for my thesis. I had been to HK before, but this trip left me depressed. The first time I saw HK as a tourist, so glitzy and well to do. The next trip I was documenting the poorest suburb of the city, which is neatly tucked away in one corner of the city. The poverty and conditions you witness shit you as soon as you get out of the metro station. I had read in one of the reports that people are usually out on the streets because the houses that they live in are so small. It is in this area that you can find people who live in the infamous ‘cage homes’.

The decaying buildings, over crowded streets and the contrast of lifestyles proved to be a great opportunity for the photographer in me. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

You can also check out What do the Walls Say? for a comparative study between HK and Athens.

PS- All these pictures were taken by a small point and shoot I had at the time.. Not bad me thinks 😉 (It is OK to be a little immodest sometimes right? )

Update 03 Augusut, 2015 – I am linking this post to Kelly, Emma and Rebecca’s travel Link Up for the month of August. They’re talking about travel contrasts. I don’t think I have been to any place which has more contrasting textures than Hong Kong.