French Toast with Ham and Cheese Stuffing

HC French Toast

Breakfast and brunches are sooooooo my thing! I love it how a simple French toast with a cup of coffee can make you feel so special after a long tiring week… and honestly, it is in the morning that you can have the oozy cheese and mayo absolutely guilt free! Here is a super simple stuffed French Toast (yes.. jo sirf India main milta hai.. Queen istyle!).

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.. Ease: Very easy!
.. Taste: Yummmzzzzz!!!
.. Appearance: It isn’t really pretty looking unfortunately.
.. Pros: Super easy and minimal dishes
.. Cons: A bit messy while cooking.
.. Would I make it again: Ooohhh Yeaah! (And I have!)

What You Need

– Butter
– 2 eggs
– Bread
– Ham
– Cheese (II used a mix of our regular Amul cheese and mozzarella.)
– Seasonings to taste

How You Make It

1. Mix – Grate the cheese. Chop up some Ham and mix it with the cheese. I suggest you add some salt and pepper to the mix so that it does not get too bland.


2. Stuff the mix between two slices of bread and squeeze the slices together as hard as you can to ensure that the stuffing does not get out.

3. Beat two eggs in a flat plate with some seasoning.

4. Soak the sandwich in the egg mixture and let it rest for sometime so that the bread can soak up the egg mixture. The soft bread will help seal the two slices better.

5. Malt some butter in a pan. Fry the sandwich and keep flipping it till the egg is cooked on both sides.

Serve hot!

HC French Toas 2


This, as you would have guessed by now, is a super versatile recipe. I made it again with sausages and olives with the cheese stuffing. I think it tasted even better! I’m waiting to get some bacon. Bacon with mushrooms and cheese would be soooooooooo yummmzzz!!!!

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  1. My god.. How slurpalicious does this look. This weekend breakfast idea is done!

    1. Let me know how it goes!!! 😀

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