Here are the 3Girls And A#BlogAlong + Viraj’s Special Spiced Mojito

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I still feel like I’m fairly new to blogging… just a few months old you see. In this limited time, blogging has opened up a whole new world to me. I love reading about others experiencs, travels and I so feel like jumping into the screen when I see the yummy food that people make!! This love for food, travel and life has brought Upasna from Life on my Plate, Shruti from Msz Knowitall and me together to throw what I believe would be an epic Blog Party – 3Girls And A #BlogAlong. 

The 3Girls bring to you a forum to read and to live.. explore and share.. We love to chat and would love it even more if you share your experiences with us at our party. Our #BlogAlong party loves to explore new avenues and we will introduce a new theme on the first Sunday of every month. You will have seven days to join us and share your posts as the link up will close the following Sunday. As simple as that!

The first month of our #BlogAlong party, we would like to start things with a bang! Yes, you guessed it right. A Parr-teh!!! And you are ALL invited! Share all your insane, mad, not so mad, stories with us. We want it all!

As the co-host, I am looking after the cocktails.. and what I have here is a story (and recipe) of the drink that gets me in the party mood!

Mojito 2

When Viraj and I started dating, we met over lots and lots of mugs of beer and drinks. I started enjoying Old Monk while I used to hang out with him and his friends who worshiped.. actually still worship Old Monk. It wasn’t long before I started finding Old Monk way too sweet for my taste buds. I like my drinks spicy and not loaded with the sugary stuff. I guess that’s why Bloody Mary, Mojio and Margarita are my absolute favorites.

I remember I started experimenting with Bacardi as my drink of choice after a lunch with my parents at the club. I ordered a glass of lime soda (sweet and salt of course!) and added a large Bacardi to it. The result – a drink that is absolutely refreshing for the hot afternoon. This continued for a while as Viraj and I came up with variations for that combination… and then.. he did it! Viraj has skills of a ‘mixologist’ that will put any bartender to shame. (Yes… absolute and unashamed bias) He found the perfect balance of sweet and savoury drink which is terribly refreshing with every sip. I, honestly, cannot have anything else anymore.

Mojito 1

What you will need

– Bacardi Limon
– Sprite
– Water
– Lemon wedges
– Black Salt

How you make it

– Pour a large Bacardi Limon in a whiskey glass.
– Add some ice cubes if you like.
– Fill half the glass with sprite and the rest with cold water.
– Squeeze a wedge of lime and dunk the lime wedge in the drink. (I like the drink nice and lemony. You don’t have to squeeze the lime if you don’t want to. Lemon flavoured Bacardi would be just fine)
– Add a pinch of black salt to the drink and stir.
(Not everyone likes the black salt, but I must tell you, that is what gives the drink the perfect kick.)

And there you have it. The most refreshing party drink ever! You can have it as a cocktail for your Sunday brunches or any time of the day. No one’s judging! 😀

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