Homemade Edible Gifts

I remember once watching an episode of Nigella Lawson’s show where she had spoken about how when you go to someone’s house, it would be nice to gift something homemade and edible. She went on to say that if you present your host with flowers, he or she will have to go looking for a vase, adding to a host’s already heightened stress levels! I’m not really sure which recipe followed thereafter, but I remember her statement vividly and thinking… Oh my God! She’s a genius!

While we were gearing up to play ‘Secret Santa’ in the office this year, I had made up my mind that irrespective of who my angel turned out to be, I would give them at at least one gift that I have made. I mean, what is the point of having a blog and talking about cooking and baking when you don’t share it with someone?!? After a few days of excitement and getting everyone to join the forum we had set up online, the computer finally drew names. I got a little confused when I saw my angel’s name on my screen. I didn’t know her very well, but isn’t that the whole point of Secret Santa right? To get to know people. I asked her (anonymously of course) to update her wishlist. I asked her to give me a direction to help me understand what to get for her. I got a reply which said – ‘Dark Chocolate’ & ‘Dark Chocolate’. What can I say? The Santa – Angel pair was made in heaven!

Why homemade edible gifts? Why would you want to spend so much time for someone while you can be doing something else? Yes, it would be so much easier to buy stuff from a store, but there is something so much more personal about gifting something that is homemade. It would take a little bit of an effort on your part in terms of planning your groceries and cooking or baking, but the rewards are incomparable. The little ribbon to wrap the gift and a little hand written note goes a long way with anyone and everyone.

While I was making my homemade gift for my angel I decided to start a new series on the blog dedicated to homemade gifts.. preferably edible. I would like to keep this as an open forum. Let me know what you like to gift and what is the best gift you have received, and if you have a post, we can put it up on my list here.

Happy Gifting!

The Gifting List…

Chocolate Munchkins – Little chocolate doughnut poppers.

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