I Want to be Ms. Doggy in Bodrum…

Beach side holidays are my absolute favorite! I may not really go into the water as I’m a little apprehensive of the open ocean, but lounging around under the sun, having my beer and when time slows down.. that’s the life! Unfortunately life is not that kind. It does not offer you too many opportunities to do the same. Perhaps that is why you enjoy it so much and that is why it was such a pleasure to be be Bodrum. It’s beautiful beaches and easy life had me at hello!

One afternoon, after Viraj and I had seen the Bodrum castle (which is one of the best castle’s I’ve ever been to), eaten a scrumptious meal of kebas and a beer each, we were ready to hit the beach. We got our beach essentials, which is a few cans of beer and not beach towels or lotion for us, and headed out. Our quest to find the perfect spot to open up the cans had us walk for what seemed like miles to me. We discovered that the beaches along the path we walked were not that wide and all the space was taken up by restaurants.

After the long walk (which in retrospect really was not that long) we finally found our spot. We plonked ourselves and opened our respective cans of beer. The first sip of cold beer on a warm day on the beach, we thought we had it all. Life is good… so good! Just then, in walks our friend, Ms. Doggy, and takes the spot right in front of us. She looked like she knew exactly where she wanted to be. On the warm sand and just close enough to the cool water that the waves gently grazed her skin.

While watching her, I suddenly found myself wanting to have her life. Ms. Doggy was a stray, but really didn’t look the part. She was really cute. She would be admired wherever she went. Everyone would call out for her attention and she can decide whether she wants to give that attention or not. She gets to play around the beautiful beaches of Bodrum all day long. Who wouldn’t want that?

What if she feels hungry? No problem! She could go around to the people and show her cute little pleading eyes. I bet there is no one who would not fall for that and definitely give her a few bites of their plate. What an eclectic meal that would be! Never bored with the same old stuff everyday! Sure, there will be a few people who will shoo her off, but there would be many more who will pet her and feed her.

What if you feel you’re a bit stinky? Haha.. she has the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea to cleanse her.

It is said that the key to happiness is to live in the moment. I think that’s what Ms. Doggy does. No worries about life and all the things that go with it. Just answer the tummy when it grumbles and all you need to do then is look cute. What a life!

Till we meet next time Ms. Doggy…

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  1. Hello Ms Doggy Do. She is so cute!

    1. She really really was! She looked so happy and content on that beach! Sigh!

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