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Our lives are not just about us and what we think and what we do. Our lives are so driven by the people around us. With this post I start a new series of guest posts on ‘A Bit of This and a Lot of That’. 

I have known Nirepjeet for a long time. We reconnected when our stint in London overlapped. We went for long walks around the gorgeous city talking about cities, architecture (she’s an architect too!), life and everything under the sun. What I didn’t know is that she was so driven to start this venture – Jute O Jean. I am so excited for her and asked her to write this post so that I could share what she’s been up to. 

I am Nirepjeet and now days known as Jute O Jean. I know, now you must be thinking what an odd name to have. The name got coined after a start-up. A start-up that was started somewhere in March this year. My friends started calling me Jute O Jean thereafter.

Jute O Jean is where we rip and (w)rap….torn and worn into something utilitarian. It is often referred by others as a product start up but it is not just another brand for handicraft products or for a monotonous experience of selling and buying.


It is much more than what it is perceived as at the first look. Jute O jean is taking small steps to slowly unfold it. With every new product and event we are edging towards making a difference. When I say making a difference I mean to a lot of things from a micro level to macro level, things that affect us .As of now I shall like to put it in three simple words:


Before I unfold the reason behind how the three R’s convey my idea of change, I would like to take you though the journey of Jute O Jean.

So..HOW did it all start?  JoJ did not have an impulsive beginning. The seeds were being nurtured in my mind a few years ago as I have always had a thing about ‘Not Wasting’ . That went for anything and everything. However, how does one realize what is being wasted and what is not? Everything comes with a life span; be it products, buildings ,etc. What are the factors that dictates that the product cannot be used any more?

Could we think of a way to REUSE it……..?

With a lot of going back and forth, I decided to finally start from somewhere to make a change – To make a change by increasing the value of something and reducing the landfills quantity.

While all these ideas were going around in my head, I had a personnel problem. It was my mother who would tease me about a collection that I had. It was not a very valuable collection, but of JEANS…yes you read it right DENIM! I have always loved my denims. Each one of it! The shades, the different grains, textures ……the cuts on them, style of pockets………everything! Each item of denim that I owned was a part of my flesh and I dint want to part from them. It just did not feel right to bin them. So there they were all piled up and occupying a huge space in my wardrobe. I did give a few to charities, but the thought that it would ultimately be thrown away as they wear out was what stopped me. I took a call. I took them all out and decided not to throw them or store them but REUSE them. Now the question ahead was… HOW????

I started sketching a few designs, where denim would look good. However, something somewhere was amiss. It didn’t feel Indian enough. I decided to combine it with another material which would compliment it, complete it and in every way make the product appealing enough. JUTE was the chosen one and Jute O Jean came into being.

At Jute O Jean, what we’re trying to do is Recycle. Revive. Reuse

Recycle old denim,primarily, along with other items that get thrown without thinking of an alternate use.

Revive jute industry by it as our secondary product. Also, we’re trying to revive the traditional knotting and weaving styles from India.

Reuse comes from recycling and reviving. We make handmade products that are ready to be used again.

The journey of Jute o Jean has just begun. We want each one of you out there to join in hands with us and help us find a way to reuse several items and thereby reducing the landfills. You can donate your jeans and join hands with us to start. We have exhibitions often and would love or you to come visit us.

Have a look at some of our products  and get in touch with us at http://on.fb.me/1uwZGbQ.

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4 Replies to “Jute O Jean”

  1. Madhumita Mitra says:

    love the initiative and skill towards Recycle Revive and Reuse! Kudos to you!

    1. Thanks so much kaki (from Nirepjeet). Hope there is some stuff in here that you like and can use for your projects. 🙂

  2. Biku Dhindsa says:

    Initiative, inventiveness, influence, integrity & ideas….
    you have them all to be successful. Love your approach
    for Recycle Revive Reuse….Good luck for your venture!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Keep following Jute O Jean and there will be tonnes of exciting this out there!

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