Kulfi Krazie at Barbeque Nation

The Traditional Kulfi Image Source

Barbeque Nation is not new in anyone’s restaurant directory. It’s been around for years now and is a favourite when it comes to large family or office outings. The ‘eat all you can’ starters, which are absolutely amazing, and a buffet for mains and dessert is perfect when you’re out with a large bunch of people.

Last Saturday was one of those family lunch get togethers where we were ready to attack the food at Barbeque Nation. The concept of ‘self contorl’ is lost on me when it comes to the starters there, and true to my character, I was stuffed by the end of the first course. I know many like me who gorge on the starters and go directly to the desserts. Well, we have our priorities straight. No waste of tummy space for things that are not that important.

As I waited for the first course to settle down in my tummy, my mother walked back to the table with a kulfi.. pan flavoured might I add. My senses went wild. I immediately ran to the kulfi counter to get my share of the pan kulfi, and thus the celebration of the kulfis began.

Kulfi is an Indian version of an Ice Cream and best enjoyed when served on a stick. Barbeque Nation has taken this Indian tradition and turned it into a festival. The pan kulfi I had was just one of the many flavours available at the chain of restaurants. They call this new addition ‘Kulfi Nation’ where the live kulfi counter enables you to mix and match the various flavours of the base kulfi with vast array of toppings they offer to create ‘mera wala kulfi’… perfect for your taste buds.

The excitement of having any combination you wanted turned me into a child… well almost as I started with the gorgeous pan kulfi. The kulfi base lined with gulkand and topped with mukhwas… wow! wow! wow! The perfect end to the meal you’d think, but I was just getting started.

Pan Kulfi

What I loved best about the kulfis was the size of the helping. Just enough for you to enjoy that flavour before it got too much and you can move on to the next one. I agree, we’re at the stage of ADD. We always need something to senses tingling. These kulfis hit the spot!

Mango Kulfi

The next on my list was the mango kulfi. Topped with cream and cashew, the base had a perfect hit of Mango.

While you always had the option of the regular kulfi, you have the falooda flavour too. That drove Viraj mad! He LOVES falooda. He also loves kulfi. Kulfi and falooda together.. who can resist!

Falooda Kulfi

Me being who I am, how can I not have chocolate kulfi??!!??

Chocolate Kulfi

We also had strawberry and kesar pista kulfi. There was so much more to have, but our stomachs could not take it anymore. Until the next time Barbeque Nation!

My Two Cents : I have to commend Barbeque Nation for reigniting the kulfi magic and serving it with a twist. Just when you thought the food at Barbeque Nation was getting too dreary, Kulfi Nation knocks it out of the park. Honest suggestion, go easy on the starters and mains the next time you go to Barbeque Nation. Make a plan to run later if you have to, but do not sham on the lovely kulfis.. you will regret it.