Lost in Mykonos


Having been to Ibiza last holiday, it was but natural that we go to pay our respects to the ‘party’ island of Greece this time. To be honest, I liked Mykonos a lot more than Ibiza, not because of the party scene, but because the island, especially the city center is so charming. Very typically Cycladic in nature, the city center is a labyrinth of tiny winding streets lined with white-walled buildings with blue windows and doors. Absolutely picture perfect!

The tiny streets of the city center, as cute as they are, are terribly confusing! They were originally designed in the labyrinthine fashion to confuse the pirates when they attacked. Well done folks! It works even today. Viraj and I got hopelessly lost while trying to find our way out. If we found something interesting or wanted to buy something from the shops, it had to be done at that time. We would never be able to find our way back.

Also, I recently found out that there is another reason why the streets were designed as they are, wasย to cut of the fierce winds that blow in the center of the city. This part, again, I understood really well. I remember when Viraj and I left our hotel to explore the city, the wind was crrraaaazzyyy!!! I was standing near the windmills, barely hanging on! Never in my life have I experienced winds that strong.

The best part about the streets was that very often they would open up into slightly larger areas forming gathering spaces for people. Even of the space was not large, two chairs with a tiny little table with a flower on it, could anything get cuter? The architect in me absolutely loved how these spaces were used so beautifully.

Although we often got lost in the streets of Mykonos, I wouldn’t mind enduring the ordeal all over again.

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  1. Mykonos’ nickname is “island of the winds”. Now you know why!! Mykonos town is picturesque indeed and yes you can get lost, but if you don’t have a specific destination to reach it is ok!! If you visit Mykonos in August (especially mid-August) the city is packed and you can’t even walk!! (that’s how popular the island is)

    1. Oh my God! The wind was crazy!! .. And fun as well. Lol!
      We were told how crowded mykonos gets later in the year. There’s no way the little streets can take that. We were already feeling it and we went earlier this month! Glad we went when we did.. The weather was just perfect and not too crowded. Just perfect!
      Honestly, I would love to go back..

  2. So charming! I would not mind getting lost in these beautiful streets (as far as I’m out when it gets dark, haha). Sometimes getting lost is the best way to discover hidden gems ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Very true.. getting lost is half the fun of these charming little streets!

  3. Getting lost is the best part of travel. You see and find things not in guidebooks

    1. Lol! Yes! You end up ‘experiencing’ rather than ‘seeing’

  4. I am heading to Mykonos in late August to begin a sailing trip. Will I be too old for this party scene. Oh, my! I can’t waito to see this gorgeous island. Thanks so much for the post and lovely pics.
    — JR

    1. The weather will be great in August! Sailing trip sounds so much fun.. I’ve never been sailing… And no one is too old for the party scene in mykonos ๐Ÿ˜‰ hope u have a lovely time there.. Can’t wait to hear abt it from you! Cheers!

  5. Beautiful pictures – bringing back lots of memories of our trip there!

    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You make me want to book a flight to Greece! Beautiful photos and it’s fun to learn about the pirates and the wind.
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    1. Haha! I’ll come with you to Greece and am more than happy to share and relearn about the pirates and the wind ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Your pictures and the scenery are beautiful! What a stunning island! This surely is one of the best places to get lost. I only knew about the windmills so the other interesting tidbits and history are great to know.

    1. Thanks so much Mary! I, myself, learnt about the place after I got there. It really is a very pretty island. I wish I had more time there..

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