Mama Mexicana

Mama Mexicana for a Sunday lunch was a few misses coupled with a large number of hits. I do wonder why this place has a 2.5 rating on Zomato when it should at least be a 3-3.5. Perhaps it is overshadowed by its high profile neighbours like The Tao Terrace, Blimey and Yauatcha. Sis-in-law and I decided we’ll head to this place on a Sunday afternoon after thoroughly pampering ourselves at The Lakme Salon. We were more than ready for a good drink and some good food.

Decor… (I had to give this a different title because I really liked the decor.) As you walk in, you know that you’re in a Mexican restaurant albeit a bit dark and dingy at first glance. It tries to take you back to the streets of Mexico or at least to the streets of the spaghetti westerns. I started to read this language a little later into the lunch. The brown tiled flooring signifies the dirt on the street, the upturned fans as street lamps or posts on the streets and the kitchen as the entrance to a house, gives the final touches to this street view. As much as I liked the concept, the execution could’ve been a tad bit refined to bring out that ‘wow’ factor.

Food… We walked in with the promise of being able to avail the offer of three cocktails and nachos for Rs. 999. This of course was available only for cocktails with Indian Liquor. Sis and I love our Mojitos so we decided to opt for the pitcher instead. I’m not really fond of getting a pitcher as I find it is always diluted and the drink does not remain fresh. In Mama Mexicana, the pitcher includes four glasses of each drink and each time the drink is made fresh. Big Thumbs Up for me! So it was Nachos and Mojito for the first course.

We’re always used to giant helpings of Nachos, so I wasn’t sure whether getting Nachos was a good idea. I was pleasantly surprised to see a smaller portion which was perfect for two people. Just enough to satisfy the craving for the crispy wafer and not fill you up.Although the Nachos didn’t have the option of adding your meats to the topping, I thought the topping that they gave was enough. It did not make the Nachos soggy and retained the crispy texture while adding that bit of flavour from the beans and sour cream. I don’t know whether this was intentional, but if it was.. it was very well thought out.

For the mains, I had Pollo Adobo Con Papas (Phew! That’s a mouthful). It is nothing but a grilled chicken thigh on a bed of mashed potato and veggies on the side, with a helping of adobo sauce. I had no idea what adobo is FYI. Here it was a dark red sauce with a sweet plum-ish flavour and the chilli forming a sauce for the chicken. How well it went with that chicken. (While I was figuring out what adobo sauce is, I realized the sauce has no plums or any sweetening agent. I wonder how they got the flavour!) The chicken itself was very well marinated and juicy and I just couldn’t keep myself from devouring it.
Sis had Chimichangas which is a fried burrito with Chicken stuffing. The burrito, as usually all burritos are, was huuuge with oodles of stuffing. However, the burrito wasn’t fried (which is not that bad actually, but then don’t put that on the menu.) The chicken, again, was well made and the burrito was pretty good. (Although I think my chicken was better 😉 )

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My Two Cents.. At the end of the meal sis and I were two happy (and stuffed) people. The service was prompt, the food was good and it wasn’t too damaging to the pocket. I would sincerely recommend this restaurant for a lunch when you are in the neighbourhood and want to have a relaxed lunch or dinner. I would also like to add that if you’re getting the Mojitos, make it a point to tell them not to make it too sweet for my second drink felt like it came from a sugar factory. (What sis and I also enjoyed was watching the crowd from Blimey’s come out post the Sunday brunch.. it is quite the sight. A few extra points to Mama Mexicana for the entertainment).

PS – All views in this review are purely mine post a scrumptious lunch at the restaurant.