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I love travelling! Picking up your bags and heading into the unknown… discovering a new place in your own unique way.. it is such a thrill. However, who you are as a traveler, now that is a whole different story.

When I read about this month’s topic on the link up that Kelly, Emma and Rebecca along with their guest host Catherine, it got me thinking about who I am when I travel. There is something you always want to be and there is something you naturally are. There is only one way to find out… in the ring!

Here we go!

ROUND 1: The Planner vs The Spontaneous

This one is not much of a fight. I try so hard to be a planner, but I fail miserably. Since I got married, my husband has been the planner and I am always the one who’s along for the ride. Sure, I do have my inputs here and there, but he is usually the one likes to know what we’re doing, where we’re going, all that jazz. Which is very unlike him when we’re not travelling. When we’re not travelling, I am the planner. I always need to plan, schedule, make lists and I always need to know what’s happening ahead of time.

I think in a way I like not planning too much because it gives you margin to do things spontaneously. Last year we were able to go to Formentera because we had some time available while in Ibiza. We learnt about the island when we were in Barcelona and it was an absolute spontaneous trip. Thank God we had not planned out every minute of our trip because Formentera… Oh My GOD!! BEST. BEACHES. EVER!!!!

(In retrospect, I think I have become a bit lazy because I know that he will be doing all the research and I don’t try too hard. )


ROUND 2: The Anxious vs The Composed

I have found myself to be quite anxious at times, and for very silly things. Like when someone is not waking up on time and I’m all ready. There was this time where I was driving to Scotland with a friend of mine. The first day we drove from London and were supposed to get to Lake District, but it rained so hard that we could only make it Birmingham. We had no reservations, had no idea how to get anywhere and I was losing my mind! I really thought that our trip was doomed. It didn’t occur to me at that time that this is what travelling is about – adventures. Fortunately we found a really cute backpacker’s hostel to spend the night (which looked extremely shady at night, so much so that we waited in the car for about ten minutes making trying to see what kind of people went in and out. It’s not like we would have recognized an axe murderer by just looking at him, but it helped.. calmed us down).

I am happy to report that since then I have become less anxious about trivial things. I have lots of things to spike my anxiety levels in my day-to-day life.

THE ROUND GOES TO… The Recovering Patient

ROUND 3: The Heavy Packer vs The Light Packer

This has been a work in progress for so long! Sigh! Every time I plan to pack light, I always feel that I will need the thing I have decided not to pack… and the fight between the brain and the heart goes on and on as the bag gets heavier and heavier. It is usually the heart that wins and my shoulder muscles that have to pay the price. It is usually fine because my bag has wheels and can be dragged, but when I have to lift it up for anything at all… That knocks the wind out of me!

…and yet… I never learn!

I guess I will have to add extra weight lifting workout in my gym routine.

THE ROUND GOES TO… The Weightlifter

ROUND 4: The Relaxer vs The I-Have-To-Do-Everything-er

For me, everyday life is super hectic and hence, my holidays have to be a little relaxed. I need to be able to get ‘my’ time. I wake up early every day and waking up early while travelling (unless I have a flight to catch or something lined up that needs me to wake up early) is out of the question. Once I’m up, I still like to take my sweet time. I like to see everything and do everything, but what’s the point of going crazy when you can’t savour the sights and nuances of where you are. Life is hectic anyway… I like to take things easy.

THIS ROUND GOES TO.. Take it Easy Baby! 


So this is me… anyone up for an adventure??

This post is part of the monthly travel link up Kelly, Emma and Rebecca host every month, with their guest host Catherine

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  1. I have to learn about relaxing whilst on holiday – I always seem to forget it is a break!

    1. Haha! A lot of us forget… but I have to remember from time to time.. else I’ll need a holiday to recover from my holiday! Lol!

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