Pizza Party Pooper

Fauji wives are one of the bravest breed of women you can find. Not only do they look after their soldier husbands and families while living in some corner of the country unheard of,  but I find them even more brave because they can host the best parties for a huge number of people at the drop of a hat. Well.. of course there are some misses among the zillions of super hits! We all live and learn, don’t we? Here is a story from my mother in law, Ruma, and one such party she hosted.
It’s party time and how I love parties! That’s why I have decided to join in this party as well!!
This story of mine goes back 34 yrs. We were posted in a place called Sukhna which was at the foothills of the Darjeeling hills. It was actually a jungle where we were staying, so access to any market was nil. Not even bread and eggs available in any emergency. Being an Air Force officer’s daughter, I had seen my mother handle parties with such ease that I believed having parties is no big deal. So I got  brave. I decided to have a party for a few distinguished guests.. and decided to cook pizzas!! (I had recently learnt how to make them!)
It was such a novelty! Of course no ready made base available those days so had to cook the base as well. I kneaded the dough and let it rest till it was time to serve dinner. In I went to my kitchen and proudly assembled the pizzas and put them in the oven…meanwhile my guests were all hungry and excited to be served pizzas for dinner.
Lo behold!!!! To my horror i watched my pizzas rising like bread!!! My estimate of how much yeast has to be put in had gone horribly wrong! I could have dug a hole and curled inside it and died!! There was nothing else in the house to serve as  replacement. Of course my guests all being faujis didn’t mind it at all. They ate it all up and made me feel that, that was the best dinner they had had.
That night I realized that to have a party one must be absolutely sure of what one wants to cook and get the proportions right. I have never tried cooking a pizza base ever again. Thank God for ready to cook pizza base available in the markets now.
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