Pumpkin Pie

How do you know it is Thanksgiving time? When almost all the food blogs that you have subscribed to start showcasing recipes that are pumpkin centric. The pictures on the blogs are so beautiful and terribly inviting, that I decided to pick up two pumpkins to attempt making a Pumpkin Pie. However, I had a little problem. I had never had a Pumpkin Pie. Never! I had nothing to compare what I make to. Pumpkin is not really a loved vegetable in India. I don’t even know when was the last time I had a pumpkin sabzi. I was well aware that I might have been getting a little ahead of myself here, but I was up for a little challenge.  I trust my taste buds would guide me in the right direction.

Pumpkin Pie – Attempt 1 – Here Goes Nothing!

I had the whole day to myself yesterday. I had cancelled all my commitments to spend a little time in the kitchen. (Umm.. yes, was a little unwell too.. still am, but I think I have become very restless. I always NEED to have something to do. Will have to do something about that.) I had studied the recipes online that I wanted to follow and all the ingredients were gathered.

Step 1 – The Pie Crust

I used the Joy of Baking Sweet Pie Crust recipe for this. Followed it to the T.

Step 2 – The Pumpkin Filling

I used Chef John’s recipe and followed it to the T.  (He talks a little funny right?)


Pie 1

The measurements for the pie crust and filling were enough for two pies, which actually worked in my favour as the first attempt was a fail. According to Chef John’s video, you bake the pie in the oven for 15mins at 220 deg C, but the top of pie burnt in 7 minutes. Fortunately, it was cooked all through, but it was burnt.

In terms of taste, it was fine. I didn’t find a great punch. You don’t really want a dessert which is just ‘fine’.

Pie 2

Pumpkin Pie – Attempt 2 – I Think I Know Where I’m Going This Time

Step 1 – The Pie Crust

I took the left over pie dough and made sure that the pie is lined finely over the pie dish. I baked it at 220 deg C for exactly 7-8 minutes, until I felt that the dough was just beginning to cook. Took it out and lined it with a thin coat of lightly whisked egg white. The egg white behaves like a protective layer over the crust and does not allow the crust to get soggy.

Step 2 – The Pumpkin Filling

So, this filling needed a little kick. I added some more cinnamon, nutmeg and a little Chinese seasoning that I had. I honestly don’t know how much it helped. I also added one shot of rum. There you go. (You have your kick! Haha!!)

I poured the filling on the prepared pie crust and baked it in the oven at 175 deg C for about 20 mins. I had to keep checking to make sure that I wouldn’t burn this one as well.


Ppie 2

Yes! This was a good pie. The crust was much thinner and lighter (also, not burnt!). The spices, especially the cinnamon, gives a wonderful wintery feeling to the whole pie.

Once cooled, I garnished with a little grated chocolate, just for a visual appeal. Doesn’t really add to the taste, but looks beautiful. The pumpkin puree that I had wasn’t as dark as you would normally find in the images online. Perhaps it is because I made fresh pumpkin puree. I’m assuming that if one uses canned puree, you might get the colour (do correct me if I am wrong) but I think I like it as it is.


I think I know what to get when I’m at a dessert shop the next time. (Sigh! I’m sorry Red Velvet, you know I still love you!)

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