Salami Stuffed Chicken




It sure was a good weekend in the kitchen. I was being such a typical wife when I asked my husband what he wanted to have for dinner, and he was being extremely sweet and I’m sure a little considerate when he said… leftovers.  Leftovers on a Sunday night.. Noooo!!! I decided grilled chicken with mushroom cream sauce with fries on the side it would be. It helps when the momentum is high I guess. Plus, I have made this dish so often that I could possibly do this in my sleep!

Once the chicken breast was defrosted, it occurred to me that I could try making a stuffed chicken dish. I had tried stuffing a chicken once before, but that was an epic fail. Hmm… should I or shouldn’t I? I remember my mum in law teaching me how to stuff a chicken when she was making her famous Chicken ala Keiv (I still salivate when I think about it); but I had been just an observer and it was a long time ago. I wondered if I could pull it off. Hmm.. should I or shouldn’t I? Of course I should! How else will I learn? Ok… so, lets do this!


I defrosted two slices of salami and rolled each one with a little cheese in the middle in a cling wrap and kept it in the freezer to set. Then I went total gangsta on the poor chicken – breaking it with the blunt edge of my knife and the flattening it with my rolling pin until the chicken breast spread out in a thin sheet. Ok.. so the first part of the stuffing exercise conquered. I marinated the chicken with some olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley and kept it aside.

Time to make the mushroom sauce. This was a super simple cream and mushroom sauce. Just perfect for my love for mushrooms.

It was almost time for dinner and the moment of truth – the actual stuffing of the chicken. I got the salami out and placed it on the chicken. Rolled the thin sheet of chicken gently over it and pressed the ends to close it and secured the roll with two toothpicks. Success!!! It really worked! I quickly rolled the other breast around the salami, placed the two on a baking sheet and started baking it in the oven at about 175 deg C.

While I was making the fries I went to check on the chicken, I realized that the cheese had melted off the center of the roll on to the baking tray. Ohh man! That was supposed to be the best part of of the dish, the oozing cheese when you cut into it. Never mind, I rolled the chicken over and let it cook. Yes, I did feel a little bad about it, but that’s OK, it is a challenge for another time.

Fifteen minutes (of constant checking) later, I felt that the chicken was done. I got it out and let it rest for about five minutes. I then gently cut it at an angle remembering the beautiful plating of the stuffed Chicken I had had at Capaberry. I Intended to do just the same. As my knife slid through the center of the chicken, exposing the layers to the roll, I couldn’t have been more happy. The chicken was cooked perfectly! I hastily took a few pictures for I couldn’t wait to dig into it! I stuffed a chicken! Lalala!

It was a good weekend in the kitchen 😀

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  1. Looks deliciousimo!!!

    1. Haha!! That’s why I couldn’t take a proper picture.. It was smelling too good. I couldn’t wait to gobble it up!

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