Stairway to Heaven

It is 7.30 in the morning. I have been awake for two hours already. This is not just about today, but has been the case for many weeks now. It’s not me who wants to be up so early everyday, or wait, it probably is me. It is due to my desire to learn, to grow, to earn, to move ahead in life. No one said success comes easy. It is about sacrificing the things that are perhaps the most important to you. I feel that now. My puffy eyes and sore body are a testament to it. At the beginning I thought it would get easier, I would just have to push though for a few weeks, but I don’t think I’m there yet. I sit looking at my computer screen, and I know, this is just the beginning and all I want to do is go back to bed!

Tucked in to one corner of my house is my glorious bed. Its usually not the cleanest place on the planet or even in my house, but it’s my sanctuary. The soft mattress lures me in like sirens lure sailors, however, unlike the ill fated sailors, I am allowed to enter the doors of my mythical place. The bed is now my magic carpet that now takes me to discount stores, where I want to pick up everything I lay my eyes on. It educates me about the wonderful and horrible things that people do all over the world, the beautiful food that people make and write about, all the celebrity gossip. Very often I become a part of someone’s life as they try to figure out their life in a series of humorous episodes. I laugh with them and I cry with them. For a while I become them, until another world engulfs me – the world of my capricious dreams.

My dreams are various rooms with various views. Simple views to the quirky views – I have them all. The dreams of going back to places I have been to and places that perhaps don’t exist, meeting people wonderful and strange, being wonderful and strange myself. As I go further and further into my rabbit hole – trrriiinnngggggg!!! It’s time to go get up and go to work.

Three days to the weekend… Sigh!

2 Replies to “Stairway to Heaven”

  1. Pratap Deshpande says:

    Simple things that make life exciting….that’s a lovely thought and a support to your effort…nobody comes forward to give excitement except yourself !… The drudgery of a daily life simply kills ! But ! If you allow it to kill you. I know of people in exciting careers like fighter flying who say….” Awww…it’s a milk run” etc and in commercial flying, simply bored. Can’t imagine a tough and moderately paid job that somebody’s doing just because he needs the money. What you’ve put down is an inspiration to all Pooja !

    The lure of laziness is real. It’s so temporary. It lasts until the moment you’re compelled to act. Makes you live reactively and then you’re waiting for the punch you’ve to ward off. You live your life this way all along and then your waiting for your last breath as well. And then what have you done with this beautiful gift of God..this life of yours?..

    The pain and soreness are pleasures of achievements…having run the miles…having pushed yourself to meet the deadlines… Having done the number of push-ups that you’ve been doing…. This pain and soreness makes you crave for more ! More excitement and simply more meaning to your life and…YOU NEED NOBODY’S HELP…

  2. Yeeeeessss…. these sleepy mornings when you are hanging on the wordpress and after day by day is late for your job 🙂

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