Sunday Dinner – Pork Chops


I‘m getting way too addicted to Master Chef Australia. Since I don’t cook everyday, cooking excites me when I get around to doing it; and with MasterChef Australia on air right now, my already overworked and hyper brain is completely consumed with it.

 My brother-in-law was staying with us last week. A young man of eighteen needs all the good food and nutrition to grow… and I had pork chops in the fridge. Perfect combination me thinks.

 I think I have the very typical Indian woman genes. I love to feed people. I foresee myself to be one of those mothers who would show her love to her kids by feeding them excessively till they become rolly polly little potatoes. (Then I guess I’ll have to make them run with me.) That’s perhaps how I felt when young Aamer came to stay over.

 Like any mystery box challenge, I had to work with the ingredients in the fridge; and unlike the mystery box challenge, I knew well ahead of time what the ingredients were. An advantage you would think.. but advantages are usually in an invention test, and unfortunately, I am no stupendous food inventor. I was well aware that what I’ll be making is pretty standard for me. I have made the sauce and mashed potato many times, and what I have to do is to make it well.

 That, however, is not enough for the Master Chef kitchen is it? How do I make it different? How do I add colour? A green salad perhaps… but none of the boys eat salad. Bread.. bah! Not again! I have blanched tomatoes in the fridge.. can I do something with that? Think! Think! Time is running out! Its was getting closer and closer to 9.30pm and the boys were getting hungry and restless.

 Tomatoes… tomatoes.. wait a minute, I have bacon in the fridge. How about grilled tomato with bacon and cheese stuffing.. perhaps I can get the boys to eat their vegetables!

 Boom Boom.. Shake the Room!

 Time’s up.. Dinner is served boys!

This is what I finally plated up…


 Pork Cops… Marinated with spiced sea salt, garlic and rosemary; and pan-fried.
Onion and Mushroom Sauce… with cheesy white sauce (and when I say cheesy… I mean CHEESY!!)
Mashed Potatoes.. with herbs and garlic and a little spicy
Grilled Tomato.. grilled with bacon and cheese stuffing (yummzzz I tell ya! You can never go wrong with cheese or bacon; and when you have them together.. *angel’s harp music*)
… with lots of wine!

 It still turned out to be a pretty standard looking for the Master Chef kitchen, but I am determined to do better next time. Expert suggestions are more than welcome.

 Till then.. bring on the wine…

 … oh yes.. sorry… I meant the pork chops! 😀