‘A Tale of Two Cities’ at Saffron

There is no doubt that your taste buds start working on overdrive when you hear the words ‘Punjabi Food’. The same happened with me when I was invited by Zomato for a foodies meet at Saffron at Park Plaza in Whitefield. The restaurant is celebrating food from the cities – Amritsar and Lahore in the festival called ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. If you like Punjabi food like I do, you know that there is no way that you can go wrong with the flavours when it is food from these two legendary cities that is the inspiration.

Walking into Saffron you are transported to the Pinds with a contemporary twist. The restaurant with its soft lighting and knick knacks from Punjab add a wonderful touch to the culinary experience. What I loved was that the entry to the restaurant was lined with sugarcane sticks and truck miniatures. There is no mistaking the ride you’re in for. The kitchen is located in one end of the restaurant with a glass partition such that you can see your food getting cooked. A good and a bad idea me thinks.. I could feel myself salivating as I saw the chefs preparing the kababs and all the other dishes that would make this evening a wonderful experience.


We started the evening with a basket of assorted papad served with an array of sweet and savoury chutneys. I absolutely loved the combination. Unfortunately the Bangalore damp weather played a bit of a spoil sport and got the papads soggy. That, however, did not dampen our spirits as we attacked the papad basket.

The main meal started with Paya soup. To be honest, I had never had Paya soup before. I knew about it though, but I didn’t realize that I was in for such a treat. I absolutely loved the subtle taste of the soup. It felt so good to have something warm with the just hint of spicy and flavour to warm you up on the rainy and damp evening.


The appetizers came in the form of Chicken Tikka Kabab, Lamb Seekh Kabab and Lamb Shami kabab for the non vegetarians and Amritasri Potatos, Peas Kabab and Paneer Tikka for the vegetarians. The chicken tikka was one of the best I’ve had. Period! The perfect spices coupled with fresh juicy meat.. I was sold! Unfortunately the other kababs failed to impress me as mych as the chicken did. Not that they weren’t good, it’s just that when you start with something so good, the other kababs had a lot to match up to. I was also impressed with the Amrisari aalo and peas tikka. Who knew you could make such a cool tikka from peas. The kababs were served with a basket of assorted rotis. I managed just a bite of one of the rotis that I served myself as I refused to let go of the delicious kabab on my plate. (Priorities people! You know what I mean, right?)

The Non-Veg Appitizers
The Vegetarian Appitizers
The Chicken Tikka that stole my heart

The main course consisted of Patiala Shahi Murg, Murg Saag and Meat Champein Masala along with the best Dal Makhani I’ve ever had! So rich and creaaaaamy. All the chicken dishes were astounding in their flavours and preparations. The best part was that they served leg pieces … big hit with me! I just wish I had two stomachs to do justice to this exquisite offering. By the time we got to the main course, most of us were pretty stuffed. (But hey! Real foodies don’t worry about that.) I must add here that I couldn’t help but try the Sarson ka Saag. I’m so glad I did. So yumz in my tumz!



With our plates cleared up, we were ready for the dessert – kulfi with falooda with rose flavouring. The dish looked pretty as a picture. The kulfi was very refreshing at the end of a wonderful meal, however, the falooda didn’t do much for me.


As you exit the restaurant, there is an array of condiments with paan up for offer. I couldn’t think of a more apt way of ending the glorious meal.


My Two Cents.. Saffron and ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ is a gem that I did not know existed. I feel so lucky that I was invited for the #ZomatoMeetUp as I now know where to head to for delectable North Indian Fine Dining. The restaurant is beautiful and the food, absolutely delightful! I still salivate thinking about the scrumptious food that was served to us. I don’t think there is anything that I did not like about this place. I highly recommend it for some exceptional food.

PS – I was invited by Zomato for the #ZomatoMeetUp at Saffron. All views in this review are purely mine. 

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  1. I love the pictures you have taken. Exceptionally sinful. One of the times I wish we could download food off the internet. Love your blog!


    1. Hi Sudipti!
      Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if you could download food off the internet?!? Hahaha!! I’d be doing that all day.. 😀
      Thanks a lot for your kind words. I must tell you, the pictures don’t do justice to how good the food actually is. Do pay a visit to Saffron if you like Amritsari food. It is just deeeeevine!

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