The Perfect Pint

What an ending to the second week of the BoTLoT challenge! From travelling to Koh Chang to having a pint of fresh Guinness, battling the daily commute to work (which I might add is almost always eventful!) to having a heavenly experience in Vienna. It has been such an exciting journey!

The post that I chose this time is a story about hits and misses, and beer! Important lesson learnt – never judge a beer with just one sip. Shruti takes us through her journey over time where she discovered why Guinness is loved so much and how she came around to liking it herself. I’m sure that is a story a lot of us can relate to. As a beer lover and an architect (I never knew how cool the Guinness Storehouse is!! I should have gone while I had the chance) I found this to be a really fun-tastic journey!

A big big thank you to all the other participants.

*One pint of Guinness please!*