The Stories that Are.. Vol. 3

The past two weeks have been all about running and how I completed my 21k. Yes it might be an overkill at this point, but this volume of ‘The Stories that Are’ is all about that. The blogs and posts that kept me motivated and continue to do so.

1. – I love this blog, website and book! Laura was really inspirational especially after my first 5k which is when I bought her book. The book is such an easy and fun read. Her story is something you can relate to. I really enjoy following her and someday I would like to run as fast as her.

2. – Ooohhh!!! The pictures!!! I don’t mind running if I’m in such beautiful places.

3. – This blog is a little more of an everything blog. Living healthy and running too. (I have to admit what I loved most was her documentation of her wedding! I know that’s got nothing to do with running, but the proposal was soooo sweet!!! I am a girl after all… :D)

4. – This is a really interesting blog about running in India. There are not too many of them out there. Here is a memoir of Sandeep Srivastava and his experiences.

5. – This is a post written my my cousin who did the Leh Half Marathon. It is hard enough to breathe there, let alone run! Super proud of him as he completed his full marathon this time. As he told me… I’m half mad and now he is fultu mad! 😀

Keep those legs active!