The Stories that Are.. Vol 4

What a lovely combination food and art is.. and here’s why ..

1. Msz Know-It-All ( This is my dear friend Shruti’s blog. Everytime I read any of her posts I feel like she’s right there talking to me. The fact that her posts are so easy to relate, is what makes this blog so wonderful. Although her blog is primarily a food blog, she talks about everything under the sun. (Well, that’s Shruti for you).

What to look out for – her most recent series on Himachali food. Looks soooo yum!!!

2. Desserts Now Dinner Later ( Doesn’t the title say it all? This is an amazing blog about.. yes you guessed it right.. desserts! I tried Amber’s version of the Apple Pie Cupcake (my post to follow) and I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it turned out!

What to look out for – Her ultimate guide to Christmas cookies. I know what my house will be smelling of in the weeks to come 🙂

3. Atelier Olschinsky ( – Atlelier Olschinsky is a Vienna based design studio focusing on graphic design, illustration and photography. I love how complex their illustrations are.

What to look out for – Their illustrations on the metropolis, construction and deconstruction. Structures II is one of my favorites and is the wallpaper on my laptop. (My work desktop has one of their illustration as a wallpaper as well. Yes, I do love their work.)

4. Frederico Babina ( – I was introduced to his work yesterday by one my colleagues. His illustrations are quite a contrast to the complexity of illustrations by Atelier Olschinsky. The illustrations are easy to decipher and the quirkiness is addictive.

What to look out for – This Flying Machine that encompasses the best of London. How I miss London! Sigh!

5. Sonke ( – I discovered Sonke when I was on a trip to Athens. He is an Athenian street artist who now sells his art commercially. Unlike Banksy who is very satirical in his work, Sonke’s work has a certain sadness to it. I found the closed eyes and the long hair of his central character mesmerizing and I was very lucky to see a lot of his work all over the city of Athens.

What to look out for – The feeling of great beauty and discomfort at the same time when you see his work. I have captured a lot of his work in my post What do the Walls Say. You will know instantly which one his.

See you soon 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the feature Pooja. And I gotta say, I love reading your posts too. Erases the distance completely between Bangalore and Melbourne 🙂

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