The Stories that Are.. Vol. 6

Time goes by so quickly. It’s already time for the next edition of The Stories that Are.. It’s time for some travel (mostly going down memory lane for me) some tips and some fun!

1.Dear Florence, We Underestimated You! by Amanda of Eat – Work – Travel – Oh Florence.. What a gorgeous city it is! I had visited Florence with my girlfriends a few years ago and without any doubt, it was the highlight of our trip. The cute little streets and the gorgeous cathedral, it’s like the place is frozen in time. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

What to look out for – The gorgeous pictures of Florence. Makes me want to jump back on a plane to the city.

2.  A Florence City Tour of David and the Duomo with Walks of Italy by Shikha of Why Waste Annual Leave – Another great post about Florence. The beauty about Florence is best seen on foot. We were really lucky when we went as it was a national day.. I forget what exactly it was. Entry to all museums was free after 7pm and we hit Uffizi of course! Did we get lucky or did we get lucky! There was a crazy celebration in the central piazza. So much fun!

What to look out for – David! Duh!

3. Blogging Tips by Andrea of Cooking with a Wallflower – We all need a few tips on how to grow our blog now and again. As my blog is still growing, I love to lap up all the information I can find out there. This is a great article by Andrea as she talks about her experiences while growing her blog to what it is today.

What to look out for – Everything! Each and every tip out there.

4. Chhattisgarh – A Photo ‘Inception’ Diary  by Shraddha Gupta of StreetTrotter – If you like to get experimental about your photography, this post is just for you. I loved loved loved this post! I have tried this technique a few time, however, haven’t had much success. I have  feeling that is about to change now.

What to look out for – How amazing the pictures are! I can’t wait try this technique again.

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