The Stories That Are.. Vol. 7

I am so kicked about this edition of The Stories That Are.. I stumbled upon these pieces and it formed a great theme for the fortnight – Street Art.

I love love love street art. It is so mesmerizing! There is so much of an artist’s personality that comes forth in their art. I was fortunate that Banksy visited one night and left his mark down the street from where I was staying in London. It was on the eve of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. An original Banksy.. in my neighbourhood.. absolutely perfect for an art lover πŸ™‚

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Here is my collection of stories that I loved on street art the previous fortnight…

1.Shoreditch Steet Art Tour with Alternative London by Sara of Simply Sara Travel – Shoreditch is a mecca for street art. I loved walking through the quirky streets of this area. Also perhaps because the Brick Lane market pops up every Sunday πŸ˜€

What to look out for – The little installations and additions that make a huge difference.

2. 10,000 Balloons by Marcella of What a Wonderful World – Covent Garden is another canvas for amazing installation work. I love how it gets so festive during Christmas. This installation by Charles Petillon, on the other hand, makes the whole area look so summery and light. Makes you want to jump on those gorgeous inviting balloons.

What to look out for – The installation is still out there. It’s up till Sept 27th, so if you’re in London, go have a look and tell me what you think of it.

3. Fremantle Street Art by Lyn of A Hole in My Shoe – Lyn’s post here showcases very diverse styles of street art. From quirky textures to detailed murals, the art in Fremantle is so eclectic. I’m dying to see this in person.

What to look out for – The first picture. I just love love love this picture. It is a lot like Sonke’s art that has been featured on the title of this post which is my favourie. You can check the actual one out here. Also do check out Lyn’s post on painted Bus Stops in Fremantle.

4. Curated Bandra Street Art by Ramya Arya of Return of the Prodigal – A little story before I get to the description for this post… Food Trucks have become all the rage in Bangalore. One evening Hubby and I decided to check out one of the trucks in Koramangla. We got there, ordered our food and waited. While we waited we started noticing our surroundings. There was a high wall before us and some really nice works of art. Unfortunately it is tucked away in a place so inconspicuous that unless you were right in front of it, you would never notice it.

That got me thinking about street art in India… and I found *drum roll* St+art India.  St+art India Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to promote street art on the Indian landscape, providing a collaborative platform for artists from all over the world. They have curated art work in Delhi and Mumbai including inviting artists to paint on the urban landscape.

I loved this piece by Ramya that walks us through street art in Bandra, Mumbai.

What to look out for – The beautiful piece by Gomez and Indian art coming to the streets with a bang!

 5. Athens Street Art in Photos by Jamie Davila of The Breakaway Backpacker – Athens! Athens! Athens! What a riot of street art that city is. It adds such a different layer to the historic and presently troubled city. I fell in love with street art here, and most importantly Sonke. I love his style which is so distinct. I, too, had covered the street art in Athens in one of my posts, but my post was more of a comparative study between the street art of Athens and the neons (which I also call a form of art on the streets) of Hong Kong. You can check out my post here

What to look out for – Sonke!!! Once you see his work, you will know his work.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of street art from around the world. Is there any street with art that you have seen and loved? Do share and spread the beauty πŸ™‚

This post is a part of the series β€˜The Stories that Are..’, which is published bi-monthly. It will be up on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Some hump day reading for y’ll :) You can check out the first post (when the series was called β€˜The Week that Was..’)here. The post also contains links to the archives of all the volumes so far. If you would like to get featured, have suggestions or any comments, do not hesitate to get in touch! 

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  1. Thanks so much for including my post and all of these other wonderful links to check out! Street art is one of my favourite things and I actually posted this week about my favourite city in Chile that is FULL of street art, so you might like that post too πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Marcella! I really enjoyed that post on the installation in Covent Garden. I used to love going there and loved how it would change with the seasons. Unfortunately I’m not in London anymore but I keep dreaming about it all the time!
      I didn’t know that Chile has street art as well. I’ll surely check it out.

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