The Stories That Are… Vol. 8

This time around on The Stories That Are.. we’re actually covering a bit of this and a lot of that… *pun intended ;)*

1. 10 Signs That You’re Addicted to Blogging by Angie of SilverSpoon London – 10/10!! I kid you not! Not that I needed any conformation, but a reality check from time to time is always a good thing. Howeverrrrrrr… I ain’t doing nothin’ about it. I am Pooja Deshpande and I am an addict… and I love it!

What to look out for… The little voice in your head that keeps going ‘Oh My God! That’s so me’, throughout the post.

2. What It’s Like to be a Waiter at the Oktoberfest by Allane Milliane of Packing My Suitcase – Who hasn’t heard of the Oktoberfest?!? We all have our own versions of the festival in our cities and countries, but obviously there is nothing like the original one..duh! This is a wonderful post on how the fest is for the people who work there.. and it is NOT easy to be a waiter out there.

What to look out for… Some very interesting tit bits from the festival.

3. Turkish Tea or Coffee Anyone? by Mark and Elizabeth of Compass & Fork – This post rings a bell perhaps? It takes me back to how my hubby and I fell in love with Turkish Tea while travelling. (You can read my version of it here). While my post was about our tryst with tea, this post gives you a wonderful insight into the history of tea and coffee as a part of the Turkish culture.

What to look out for… the recipe of the tea! I haven’t tried it yet.. but it won’t be long before I do.

4. Russia Through Instagram – A Photo Essay by Upasna of Life on my Plate – I had been super intrigued about Upasna’s trip to Russia from her first insta-update. This post had me lapping up all the wonderfulness that Russia has to offer. It is so different from any other place in the world.

What to look out for.. The food.. the gorgeous regal-ness of Russia will make you want to book your tickets immediately! (I already looked it up btw.. don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

This post is a part of the series ‘The Stories that Are..’, which is published bi-monthly. It will be up on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Some hump day reading for y’ll :) You can check out the first post (when the series was called ‘The Week that Was..’)here. The post also contains links to the archives of all the volumes so far. If you would like to get featured, have suggestions or any comments, do not hesitate to get in touch! 

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