Travel Must Packs!

This post couldn’t come at a more opportune time… As it has been all about travelling for me for a month now!! Lalala!! The 3Girls, Shruti or Msz Knowitall, Upasna from Life on My Plate and I were brain storming about what the second topic for our #BlogAlong would be when we realized that from party basis it would be great to talk about travel basics. As travellers, we always have a bunch of things that are the first things we grab before we head out those doors, whether it be for just an overnight trip or a long one.

Here is my list of Travel Must Packs. PS.. if I happen to forget any one of them, it keeps nagging me and becomes a really uncomfortable trip and sometimes a little expensive one if you really really need that item!)

Phone..(and it’s paraphernalia)… I realize that no one can travel without their phones anymore. As much as you travel to get away, you always want to be connected. As for me, my phone has become the centre of my universe. I use it for anything and everything!

I now have started taking a lot of pictures on my phone. I find it so much more convenient than carrying around a big DSLR. You never know when the photo op comes calling and you should aways be ready. The DSLR pictures are now Mr. Hubby’s job. I have a friend, a travel blogger, who calls herself the Phoney Traveller. She takes pictures exclusively on her phone and hence the name. She has bought herself a set of lenses for the phone and the pictures are to die for! I, too, have a few picture galleries on my blog which have pictures taken exclusively by my phone.

Also, the phone is so handy write drafts and notes for my upcoming posts. In fact, this post has been written entirely on my phone while I was travelling. Only the final proof reading and editing was on my computer. Not too shabby, what do you reckon? I now realize that I’m such a slave to my phone. Sigh!

(Btw.. I just started watching The Game Of Thrones again. I’ve uploaded the episodes on my phone and it makes lengthy travel or wait for flights so much more bearable.)

Book… (now my IPad)… I love reading when I get a chance. My physical books have been replaced by my IPad off late. Yea yea.. Before we get into the whole conversation about ‘I still like my books in it’s physical form’, let me tell you, I was one of them. However, once I got my tablet, I consider myself a convert. It is so much easier to carry my information and books on the device. Plus buying ebooks is soooooo much cheaper! Also, since I have so many things stuffed in my bag, my books no longer get spoilt. 🙂

My Vanity Kit… Sigh! I cannot shy away from this one. I am vain. I have a pouch which goes from one bag to the other as and when I change bags. It has my kaajal and eye liner (things I CANNOT LIVE without! In fact I have multiple sets of kaajal and eyeliner just to ensure that I don’t forget or run out of my supply.) lipstick (my perfect red colour which helps me go from drab to fab in less than three seconds) earrings and basic jewellery ( just in case I need them) hand sanitizer (because I am a snob) hand lotion (this makes an appearance from time to time. You especially need it when you go to colder countries. I don’t like the feeling of itchy and dry skin. I try to remember to carry it to work too) lip balm (oh this is super important! Hubby and I went to Paris last year and forgot to carry lip balms. Our tropical climate acclimatized lips didn’t last even three days. We ended up spending 5 euros to buy lip balm!). Not too much right? (I hope someone who reads this post will agree with me that these things are essential.)

Extended Vanity Kit – Hair dryer.. I take it with me on overnight journeys. How my hair behaves is very important to me. Although most of the hotels I’ve stayed in in the recent past have always had hair dryers, I believe my hair responds well only to mine. I know I’m sounding terribly vain right now, but you do want to look your best in the pictures that are going to last forever.. right?

Shawl or a Jacket… I’m one of those people who actually feels the cold if the temperatures falls even by a degree. I carry a shawl or a jacket even to the theater because I end up concentrating on how cold it is rather than the movie. Its the same case when I’m on a flight. I’m a tropical baby, I do not do well in colder climates. Most of the European countries are notorious for their finicky weather and if there is one thing I’ve learnt on my travels, it is to carry something warm AT ALL TIMES!

Sunglasses… This is not really a vain point but something I’ve gotten used to having with me over the years. Very often I’ve found myself using my sunglasses as a hairband to keep my hair off my face rather than something to protect my eyes. Well, it makes me look pretty good so no complaints.

Notebook and Pen.. I have been carrying a small notebook and pen in my bag since I started studying architecture. We were advised by our tutors to carry it at all times as you never know when inspirations strikes. It is always important to have something to record your thoughts and sketch out what you see. Although my notepad does not have too many sketches, I do use it to record information when my phone is not handy. Numbers, places, blog topics (since I started blogging) all go into that one book.

Travel Adapter.. This is a new addition in my travel bag. It was a gift by the hubby and is super important to carry around especially when you are travelling overseas. During one of my first trips abroad, Viraj had lent his adapter to me. It was such a futuristic looking object. For some reason it never occurred to be to buy one for myself. Hmm.. *Sudden realization*.. Perhaps that is why I got an adapter as a gift, so that I stop borrowing his stuff!!

These are a few things that always feature in my travel bag (admist various other things since I still have not learnt how to travel light). I just got back from a long trip where my main bag was packed really really badly. So much so that I had to start repeating clothes from the forth day! However, there was no missing out in these items. (In fact, the image above is just when I had started placking.)The 3Girls and I would love to know about the things you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE with you when you travel. Are you a practical packer, or a vain packer (like me)? Tell us everything.

What are your Travel Must Packs?

This post is a part of the 3 Girls and a #BlogAlong monthly link-up party. This month’s theme is Travel Must Packs and it’s time to open up your bags!


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12 Replies to “Travel Must Packs!”

  1. woohooo… you so vain, am so vain.. let’s catch the choo-choo vain train!! Loved it! Hand cream: check; hand sanitiser: check; lip balm: CHECK!
    And you know, I saw the hairbrush in your photo, and I am like, see, I never carry hair brush, comb or anything. and funny thing, you don’t need it, while I most definitely do! haha!

    1. Shruuutttiii!!! I’m so glad I have fellow passengers on the vain choo choo train! lalala!!! ( You should see my lipstick, make up bag! Whoooaa!!)
      Btw… because I carry a brush my hair looks decent. If I had a pocket sized hair dryer, I’d carry that too! Lolzz 🙂

  2. Great Stuff! Love it!
    I wont be able to do mine for some time, maybe not this week, but loved the read! 🙂

    Also Ladies and esp female solo travelers. Don’t forget the most important travel item you will ever have. A Sarong.

    It can be used to cover up in religious places, even if you’re just stopping over.
    Its light weight enough to carry on luggage or around shoulders while boarding and provides as a blanket or shawl on-board.
    It’s great to put on top of a hostel or back packers bed, as a protective sheet between you and the mattress if you don’t find the place hygiene and cant relocate.
    It’s also a non intrusive way of blocking off your bunk when in a hostel or back packers. Giving you a privacy screen for sleeping, reading, washing etc.
    If you are hiking or in a remote place and injure yourself, it aids as a splint.
    If you are caught in a dehydrated place, it collects well and can be worn on your head or stored somewhere, with the knowledge that some amount of water will still remain when you return.

    SO many ways of using it, and of course at the beach 🙂


    1. Wooowwzzaaa!!! That’s a whole lot of use of a sarong I had no idea about!! (Actually didn’t think about!) Definitely will be a new feature in my bag when I travel next.
      With this suuuper comment, it would be a great read about your Travel Must Packs. Please do write if you get the time… else keep commenting as and when you think of something.
      Lots of love!!! 😀

  3. Pooja and Shruti….Couldn’t help jumping into this one 🙂 Have written about my travel must packs! Hipe you enjoy reading it. Loved reading your blogs and keep the party on 🙂

  4. Karishmaaaaa!!! U sneak! Never told me abt ur blog and had me ranting on about mine! I love your blog name.. Just perfect! I’m so so happy to have you here!!
    Here’s to many more parties together..(virtually and non!) Cheers!!

  5. Pooja, thank you for hosting the linkup party, it was great to join this week. Great read, getting inside a ladies bag is a great way to get to know her, so thank you for the sneaky peak.

    1. Thank you Lyn for participating! It was only while writing this post that I realized how much junk I carry in my bag. No wonder I can never travel light! We’ll be back again next month. Till then, I’ll be linking to yours. Cheers!

  6. I have decided that packing light is just impossible for some people. I’m going to give up trying -lol.

    1. Hahaha!! I should learn from you and accept my destiny. Lol!

  7. I feel the cold too, even with a few degrees drop in temperature, so I always have a scarf or jacket handy. I used to always take my hairdryer but have loved leaving it at home these past few years. However, I haven’t been able to let go of my GHD! Great post!

    1. Thank god I’m not the only one who gets cold so soon! I end up being the butt of all jokes because of this… lol! I still cannot travel without my hair dryer. Even though most hotel have dryers, I’m just so used to mine. I always feel no other dryer is as good as mine.. sigh! I have so much to learn.
      Thanks a bunch for stopping by Carly

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