Why I Run….

In one of my previous posts, I spoke about the fact that I have not been running for too long. My first run was in March 2014. It was a simple 5k, but it meant the world to me. I completed a half marathon recently and now a 5k doesn’t seem like too much anymore. Its been quite a journey and I still have a long long way to go.

People have a set of standard questions and remarks once they learn that I run… and I’m sure I was one of them as well before I discovered running for myself. ‘How can you run so much??’ ‘So.. you just keep running for 21kms!’  ‘What do you get at the end of all this??’ ‘Whooaaa!!! 21k!!! I don’t think I can do 21 meters!’ 

I’m still a newbie in this community. There are a few things I have discovered about running which no one really told me about. I hope I can inspire people to join this every growing community of runners. It is tough, yes… But there are so many other aspects to running that make it so much more fun.

Here are a few of my top reasons why I love to run. Please feel free to add your reasons too 🙂

1. To Get Fit! Duh!

I don’t think I really need to elaborate much on this. It’s a simple story really. I’m inching closer to 30 and I need to get fit before all the genetic and lifestyle disorders kick in. Period.


2. To Hang With my Peeps

I would get together with my family and friends around food and alcohol – all the time! I always thought running was a solitary sport, but getting together for a run with your friends is so much fun! We hang together, train for runs we’ve register for. We have a healthy competition going on and that really motivates me. I know that I’m not alone.

We also have our own running group pose that we usually do after getting our medals. (Totally copying Nadal, of course!)

With my buddies after the TCS 10K, 2014

3. For the Sweet Treats

It’s a simple equation here : The more you run, the more calories you burn, the more calories you can consume! All nutritionists endorse having sweets early in the morning so that the calories get burnt through the day.

Bring on the sweets people! (Check out this link if you like Banoffee Pie! )

Enjoying a Banoffee Pie after a practice run

4. For the Free T-shirts.. And the New Workout Clothes.

I have reduced buying work out t-shirts considerably. The T-shirts you get are light, bright and perfect for running. Why would you want to go out any buy more? Plus they are a lot cheaper. It feels great when you’re on a practice run and you see someone wearing the same t-shirt. Its like a sense of comradery! Plus, I cannot wear the medals all the time… but I will have the t-shirts as my souvenirs.


5. For the Medals

It is truly an amazing feeling swinging that medal around your neck when you finish a timed run. The sense of achievement is something that no one can take from you. There is a story behind each medal you collect and I promise you that you will never forget a run.

All the bling makes you feel just so damn invincible! Bwahahaha!!!

Just the first few…

6. For the Breakfast

The Epic Carnage

My friends and I have this post run tradition. We go for a nice brunch which has unlimited alcohol and food. Even the people who do not run join us and it is a great motivation to run faster and further.

7. For the Silence

I discovered this very recently. During one of my practice runs, I was feeling a little uncomfortable with music playing and I decided to take my earphones off. Its true that I wouldn’t know how much distance I’ve covered or how I’m doing with time, but for some reason. I felt calm. It was a quiet morning and I could concentrate on my breathing and was not getting distracted with the music in my ears. That was the first time I thought I could possibly run without music.

The next time was during my half marathon. I had forgotten to put my app on and my music stopped playing after the fourth kilometre. I didn’t have it in me to turn either the app or the music. I stuffed the earphones in the armband and kept running. The sound of people running and cheering was just magnificent! It was a very different type of silence that you will never find on the main roads of a city. The runs make you enjoy the city that you never thought was possible. I suggest you try it sometime.

8. For my Dad

Since I was a little girl, my father has always encouraged me to play sports and maintain an active lifestyle, and I truly did have a very active childhood. I played a lot of sports. Unfortunately, as I grew up, the opportunities to play sports that I used to were no longer there. Slowly I became extremely unfit. My father always encouraged my brother and me to go for a run when nothing else was available. Being a military man, fitness, to him, is of utmost importance.

Every time I would run even a bit, I would tell him and he would always encourage me to do more. I may not have made my father proud of my career and generally other things, but the day I completed the half marathon, I knew I had made him so proud. It’s so wonderful to see him tell his friends that his daughter has run the Bangalore Half Marathon. ‘She is a runner’ he says and I love hearing him say that. Every run that I do is dedicated to him. I love you Daddy!

9. For Myself

This is the most important aspect for me. I don’t want to go to the gym to get fit. It should be an ally for something greater that you’re trying to achieve. I know that this is perhaps the only sport that i can train to be good at. All I need is a pair of shoes, a road and determination. I am my competition and there is nothing more exciting and daunting than that.

During my evening runs there have been times when I’ve considered taking a short cut through my usual route hoping that the run gets over soon and no one will know. Then I think, that’s right, no one will know, but I will. I’m not doing this for anyone else but myself. It’s not going to hurt anyone but me… And that’s what keeps me going. I think that’s when I started blogging… Because I started talking to myself during my runs! Hahahaha!!!!

This was just a little something about me. Let me know what gets you moving, whether it be running or any other sport. Happy Running People!

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  1. Pratap Deshpande says:

    Just to say that I’m so happy and proud of you Pooja..not only about running but about the photos and writing too.. As we talked about sometimes.. Life doesn’t give…you have to take what you want of life and let me tell you that you have chosen well and living well.. Love you

    1. Thanks so much Appa! I am who I am because of you and Amma. Your love and guidance and very importantly encouragement in everything that Sameer and I do, gives us confidence to chase our dreams. Love you so much!
      Run today? 😉 😀

  2. Akshay Sharma says:

    A very well written blog. Being a part of the same little running group that we have, I am sure you’ve managed to very aptly summarize the reasons of why we all run.
    For me, just to share my thoughts and reasons, running started (way back in 2009) as a means of getting over a breakup, but now over a period of time and specially from earlier this year where I actively got back into running again, the reason is very different. I always considered myself to be ambitious and wanted to do well in whatever I did. Last 6 years, working in the corporate sector that trait had kind of disappeared once I realized that irrespective of how hard you work, your growth was more dependent on the politics that you can play and/or the ‘Personal Relation’ that you can maintain with the right bosses, both of which I am not really the best at nor have any desire to improve in.
    Running has sparked that ambition back in me, since the results are totally dependent on the level of hard work and determination that you can put in. This is one place that no level of politics can help you cover the distance or better your time. So at 30 plus, running has taken me out of my mundane corporate life and put me in a exciting competitive scenario where with you biting at my heels and with Abhishek setting standards, the ambition of doing better and training hard is a great refreshing experience. And of course, nothing can match the feeling of accomplishment that you get once you hit the distance you have aimed for.
    A Half Marathon in less than 2 hours before 2015 ends and a Full Marathon before the end of 2016….. Lets do it….!!!!

    1. That’s the thing about running- it’s a competition with yourself. The more you put into it the better results you get. Its a mental challenge as much as a physical one. Having a great running group in you guys really makes a huge difference.
      About the future targets… Lets do this!!!

  3. I too started running in the month of May, just after the world TCS run. I exactly feel the same way you do. Well written blog. Greatly appreciated. #Happy feet and #happy running. Take care

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  5. What a brilliant post. Poojaaa, you make me wanna go running right now!!

    1. Hehehe!!! Bhaag shruti bhaag!! 😀

      1. Hahaha, that is Arjun’s dream for me too. Kab Shruti khushi khushi run karegi. I am always cribbing when I jog..

  6. Hahaha! At least you jog. I’m waiting for Viraj to try jogging but he totally refuses to.

  7. wish you the same!!! lots of love! 😀

  8. Pooja….how beautifully you have written why you run!! All the right reasons! Just keep on going…and give us all more and more reasons to be proud of you!

    I am loving your blog more and more!

    1. Thank you soooo much ma! I’m waiting for your post here 🙂

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