3Girls And A #BlogAlong

We are the 3Girls and we invite you to #BlogAlong with us.



We are
Upasana… Life on My Plate
Shruti… Msz Knowitall
Pooja.. A Bit of This and a Lot of That

Together, we are the 3Girls. Upasna, Shruti and I met over a common love for food, travel, talking,  chilling. .. well.. life in general.


We bring to you a forum to read and to live.. explore and share.. We love to chat and would love it even more if you share your experiences with us at our party.

The #BlogAlong party explores new themes every month. We open up our doors from the first Sunday to the second Sunday for your posts.

Here’s what we’ve been doing so far…


June.. Travel

May.. Open House – Happy Birthday #BlogAlong

April.. Food! – Apple Pie Cupcakes

March.. Travel Stories – Lazy -Pazy Weekend at Varkala Continues…

February.. It’s All About Love!-  Run-a-versary with Contours Women’s Day Run

January.. Resolutions 2016 – The Eight Commandments of 2016


December.. Flashback 2015 – The Year That Was

November… Open House – Bisi Belle Bhaat

October.. Photo Essay – Turkish Textures

September… Open House! – A Day in Kos

August… The Good ‘Ol Days – Things That Define Your Growing Years

July… Top 5 Comfort Foods

June… Travel Must Packs

May… It’s a Party and Everyone’s Invited!

It’s super simple to link up with us. Here’s how…

  1. You can follow our blogs so that you are always updated as and when the link-up opens, and we share the topic.
  2. Once you have written your post, make sure you have a link back to our blogs, and our super cool badge.
  3. To add the badge, the HTML code is available under my badge on the right sidebar. Just copy it, paste it in your blog post window (in text format and not visual), and voila, it’s done.
  4. Once all this is done, click on the Add Your Link here button and in 3 steps, your post shall be added.
  5. Make sure you read up on the other posts that get added to the link-up and share some love (comments, likes etc).

We are so excited about the #BlogAlong and hope you are too. We’re waiting to hear from you!!


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  1. Hello girls, when does the LinkUp starts and end?

    1. Hi! The link up is open from the first Sunday to the second Sunday of the month. Which means.. the link up is open now!

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