I am Pooja. I live in Bangalore, but I belong to the world, to my dreams, to my thoughts, to my kitchen, to my running track, to my scribble pad, and most importantly to the people I love the most.

Life is not only about the big things that happen to you. It happens when you don’t realize what’s happening around you. We get so caught up in the routine of our mundane lives that we forget to enjoy the little things that make us smile. It is a mixture of conversations and ramblings, of musings and outbursts, images and words, everything and anything. This blog is dedicated to ‘A Little Bit of This and a Lot of That’ that make each day exciting!

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  1. H Pooja, I am really enjoying your blog. It’s beautiful and your take on things is very fresh. I followed you on Bloglovin’ so am looking forward to seeing what you post. Loved your Sham Shui Po series. You’re so right about Hong Kong’s Jekyll and Hyde personality!


    1. Hi Sharon..
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment.
      I’be been a little lazy posting new stuff off late.. but your comment has given me a big boost in the right direction. 😉
      So glad you enjoyed the series on HK. It’s a crazy crazy place! So many contradictions in one tiny island. I love it and hate it at the same time.
      Thanks again for stopping by… 🙂

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